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Our team will complete a brand new project within 12 days guaranteed! Having a beautiful bathroom in your dream home is not only a functional asset to your property, but it can become your personal space of relaxation after a long day. Because we invest our time and resources to stay up to date on the latest trends and advancements, we share our various design options that are available to you when you work with our team. Our Nu Look Services Construction and Remediation team offers many benefits, including:     Modern and efficient new bathroom within 12 days, and in line with your budget.     Saving on essential elements such as new tile, countertops, bathroom fixtures 12-day through our exclusive     network of wholesalers.     Complimentary professional design services.     Outstanding quality as a result of our more than 20 years of experience. We are proud to offer:     A personal Project Coordinator that will be the center of contact.     A thorough project plan schedule and timeline, complete with project milestones.     Full disclosure – a full description of the project and payment schedule in writing.     We will coordinate with vendors to ensure material availability before project commencement.     We will ensure that we get approved for city code plumbing, electrical, and blue-prints.     We will ensure that your home is securely locked at the end of each work day.     A complimentary digital customized three-dimensional design created by our professional designer and architect team.     Complimentary delivery on all fixtures, appliances.     Disposal of all construction materials and debris.     Professional cleaning after project completion. Nu Look Services Construction and Remediation bathroom remodeling includes a complete project plan and schedule, a full description of the project and payment schedule in writing, approval and compliance with city plumbing, electrical, and blue-print regulations, a digital three-dimensional design created by the designer and architect, complimentary delivery and disposal of appliances and fixtures, and a complete site clean-up after project completion. Hiring the right professional makes all the difference. Nu Look Services Construction and Remediation are the right professionals; we will get your job done, the right way, on time, every time. Remodeling, while aesthetically pleasing, can also improve the value of your home, if it’s done correctly. Bathrooms can be completed in just 12 days.  Nu Look Services Construction and Remediation will ensure you’re involved and updated on every aspect of the project. Nu Look Services Construction and Remediation specialize in bathroom remodeling and offer custom bathroom you won’t find anywhere else. Contact our experts today for a complimentary consultation at (562) 219-9941..
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