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Our team can completely renovate your kitchen within 18 days guaranteed! Most companies will normally takes months to remodel your kitchen completely, however at Nu Look Services Construction and Remediation, we completely under- stand that a kitchen is an essential part for every family. We would like nothing more than to have you enjoying your beautiful new kitchen with friends and families as soon as possible. Our professional design team will ensure that your kitchen will be a reflection of your personal style, habits, and include any specific features that you’ve dreamed about. Nu Look Services Construction and Remediation delivers:     A beautiful and modern kitchen, tailored to your specific needs, within 18 days gauranteed!     Savings on tiles, fixtures, cabinets and other materials and products through our exclusive network of direct      wholesale.     Complimentary professional design services.     High quality services, combined with our 20 years of experience at an affordable price. We also offer:     European-style custom kitchen cabinets.     We coordinate with our suppliers in advance to ensure availability of materials.     A personal Project Supervisor.     Plans, blue prints & city permits.     Complimentary pull-out shelves for base cabinets.     Compliance with city codes for all plumbing and electrical work.     Full disclosure of project and payment schedule in writing.     Respect of the homeowner’s space – portable toilets are provided on the job site for crew workers.     Complimentary adjustable shelves for upper cabinets.     We provided added security and completely lock your home at the end of the work day.     We discard construction debris and materials.     Complimentary delivery of appliances, fixtures.     Professional cleaning services after project completion. Contact our experts today for a complimentary consultation at (562) 219-9941. Remodeling and construction is work, really hard work that requires specialized skills and knowledge. It normally requires an architect for design, a contractor for the remodeling project, and a cleanup crew for the aftermath. Hiring the right specialist is crucial to getting what you want done, done correctly, efficiently, and as stress free as possible. A kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming for a new property owner as a result of the various factors that you need to take into consideration. Selecting the flooring, cabinets, appliances, and additional materials, as well as thinking about the electricity and plumbing can leave you drained. You must understand the technical aspects as well as the design portion, all of this without any professional expertise can cause you to lose your investment. Nu Look Services Construction and Remediation remove all the hassle of working with several teams by doing everything from the architectural designs to the contracting and cleanup in-house. Our skilled craftsmen can completely design, tear down, and reconstruct your kitchen in as little as 18 days! For kitchens we offer custom built cabinets, plans, blue prints, city permits, complete compliance with all city plumbing and electrical regulations, pull-out shelves for base cabinets, adjustable shelves for upper cabinets, extra security to ensure your home is safe and secure at the end of the work day, and a complete, thorough cleanup of all debris, old appliances, and project detritus. Nu Look Services Construction and Remediation is here to save the day. We are happy to offer our services to residents such as yourselves. We love to see our beautiful finished product of our hard work and make our customers achieve their dream kitchen.
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